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    April 16, 2010


    Dad and Barb

    Looks really good and I'm impressed that you got it done with almost no help and managed to do it in your time line. I'm proud of you and look forward to the reports on how it's doing! Tell VPH we hope he gets better quickly and we are sorry he got hurt in the first place.


    Ditto your dad's comments!
    Remember the four Italian flat beans that I planted a month ago? Well, the first sprouted nicely, but met with disaster. Then, a week later, two more sprouts emerged.
    I was proud, and thrilled. The seedlings are growing well, they have their secondary leaves, AND they're malabar!
    Oh well. At least my Early Girl is in fruit, and I have enough potential Giant Marconi peppers to start my own veggie stand.
    Fortunately, those peppers freeze well. Salads for everbody!


    After all that hard work you need a well deserved rest. I love my raised beds in the veggie garden, and used pressure treated lumber to construct them. It was older lumber which has been sitting around for a long time so we thought it OK to use it.

    Jennah - MD

    Aw - glad to see my seeds being planted in another raised bed in another state! My radishes and beets are growing nicely (just thinned them). Hopefully yours will, too!

    And I used pressure-treated lumber and lined with plastic, too - no worries. Hubby and I read copious articles that reassured us it would be fine, just like you did, I'm sure.

    Heather's Garden

    Dad & Barb -- Thanks! I think it's the most impressive project we've done so far, or maybe I just feel that way because usually VPH does the heavy labor under my direction.

    Mom -- Your gardening adventures are hysterical!

    Keewee -- I'm sure it is okay to use old pressure treated lumber. Thanks for stopping by.

    Jennah -- I sure am looking forward to seeing some seedlings. I think I read one or two articles that said it would be fine to use pressure-treated lumber and then saw people like you had so I figured you'd done the due diligence!

    garden edgingc

    Same here. Everything sucks, and then you blog.
    The end.

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