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    May 28, 2010



    Three really pretty photos - the 'marching peas' close-up, Black Russian tomato blooms, and the contrasting blues in the lupine/iris/clematis flower bed view.
    Any of those calendar-worthy?
    Oh, when I get back from NC I'll start a cutting of my 'Etoile Violette' clematis for you. It's so dark a purple that it's almost black. It may offer a nice point of contrast.


    The garden is looking great and I am hoping you are doing well today as it is your surgery day isn't it? Thinking of you. That tomato flower is calendar worthy.


    Man -- this is awesome! Those tomato blossoms, um, I'M SO JEALOUS!

    And I love how a shift in perspective changes everything. This is why the macro lens is the gardener's best friend ever. ;)


    Interesting, personal, and "real" yard/gardens. I enjoyed the view. I ESPECIALLY like the blue containers. They are striking - and you have chosen great plants to fill them.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- As we discussed, I'd love a rooted cutting of that clematis.

    Layanee -- Thanks, I'm pretty well. Surgery was on the 1st and I'm recovering on schedule. Not too much pain, just uncomfortable and not happy to be limited, no matter how temporary it is.

    Genie -- Thanks! You'll have tomato blossoms soon enough. I know, I love my macro setting on my camera so much. Wait until I post some photos of that same hillside later today that I took over the weekend. VPH weeded his butt off.

    Rebecca -- Thank you for your kind words. I love my pots and blue is my favorite color.

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