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    May 11, 2010



    The first potato leaves - wonderful! What a funny gardening spring it is. I've just gotten back from a week away to find frost bitten leaves on many emerging perennials. Your cardinal looks so cute on the fence.


    Oh, goody!Fifty pounds of red potatoes will make a terrific hostess gift at Thanksgiving.
    I'm intrigued with your placement of the broken clematis pieces. It was my Mom's belief that broken plant bits would root if placed next to the 'mother' plant.
    It has worked for me often. So let's hope it does for you, too.

    Heather's Garden

    Cyndy -- We're pretty protected here less than a mile from the Sound, so luckily no frost-bitten leaves. We've got birds all over the garden this spring and we're going through seed like crazy, but we're enjoying watching them.

    Mom -- I think I might have to start weighing my harvests. I don't think we'll get 50 pounds of potatoes and even if we did, I doubt they'd last until Thanksgiving! I don't think those clematis stems are going to make it, they're looking pretty darn wilted today.

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