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    May 23, 2010


    Monica at Garden Junkies

    Mmmm, your irises are simply delicious - or maybe I'm getting them confused with the butter... (I buy the same two butters, plus Plugra salted butter - yummy). Aren't chickadees adorable? That little black cap gives them such an impish look. We have a pair nesting in a bird house I put up on a pole last year (last year it housed a family of wrens, but I much prefer the chickadees). Whenever we get close to the bird house they start scolding us from the nearby cherry tree - so fierce for such little birds!


    I am Greatly amused! Do you recall how often you've teased me about my bird-fascination?
    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree....
    The iris are lovely - blue is my favorite garden color. And now i'm hungry for crusty
    fresh bread.

    Heather's Garden

    Monica -- I don't think there's anything better in this world that dairy products. We have some birds nesting in the eaves of the house, but I can't figure out if they're the chickadees or the house sparrows. Both are around in force.

    Mom -- I know, it's sad, but I don't go veering off the road watching birds...yet.

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