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    June 08, 2010



    I'm looking forward to the malabar seeds sprouting - sun and water should help them pop in a week. They grow very quickly, and love to vine. They're yummy, too.
    And I can just taste those potatoes - mashed with lots of Irish butter. Hurry, Thanksgiving.
    I'm glad you're recovering and really happy to see that everything's flourishing without strenuous effort on your part, but what's with the plastic forks?


    That was the gall bladder surgery, right? Glad to hear you're feeling better. I had that done a while back and 2-3 weeks sounds about right. I went back to work after 2 weeks. Could have after 1 week, but I wanted the extra rest. There wasn't much I couldn't do as long as I took it easy. By 3 weeks I was back to normal.

    The garden looks great, too! You have such a great variety of plants. I didn't know so much could be grown in containers.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- I have to plant them first. Maybe this weekend. Maybe I'll ship you some potatoes when they come and you can store them down there for T-Day. Plastic forks are for keeping whatever was digging in that container from doing so. Seems to work.

    Kate -- Yes, it was having my gallbladder out. I went into the office 1 week later, but I'm finding that I was a little more out of it than I thought I was. I may take a nap today. I've discovered that you can grow just about anything in a container provided the container is large enough and you remember to water.


    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    What would you say are the benefits of growing potatoes in those plastic trash bins? I'm just curious about the idea. Less insect damage, perhaps?

    Heather's Garden

    Fern -- Thanks, me too. From what I've read growing potatoes in trash cans can prevent insect damage, but it definitely makes them easier to harvest. When you're ready, you just up end the cans (if you've left the bottoms intact with just drainage holes) onto a tarp and search for your potatoes. We didn't leave the bottoms on ours so we'll put a tarp next to them and then lift the cans straight up and knock the soil over onto the tarp. They can also grow faster because it heats up quicker in the cans (especially black ones like I have). We'll see how it goes this year. It might be the best idea ever or the worst.

    Nancy Bond

    LOVE all those blue containers!! Glad you're feeling better and able to start some light gardening again. Everything looks like it's thriving! :)

    Heather's Garden

    Nancy -- I do love my containers. Yes, luckily the garden is rolling right along without me. But hopefully in another week I'll be back to my old self.

    Heather, your blog is a delight. You have a wonderful eye for composing your plants and then showing them at their best through your photography (I particularly love the third last picture with the grass and heuchera). I imagine the people who live in your neighbourhood are grateful for the beauty you have created. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jan Smith

    Well, looks like typepad cares about capitals--my url leads back to a dud...sorry about that!

    Heather's Garden

    Jan -- Thanks for the lovely compliments. I know my neighbors appreciate my garden because they've often said they wish we owned the house. I've found a lot of inspiration on-line, I'm glad you are too.

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