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    June 29, 2010



    What amazing choices for dinner! Wow!


    Wow! I'm going to show this post to my VPH for inspiration!
    Raining here daily for an hour or so - and now I'm seeing some 'volunteers' sprouting in my recently-cleared containers. What can they be?
    I did sow some of the chives you sent about five days ago - they should be up soon. Have you done the malabar yet?


    Hi It's Jessica I emailed you yesterday about top ramen and generic mac and cheese. I LOVE your pictures. Did you make all of those wonderful salads?

    Heather's Garden

    Meemsnyc -- I know, I'm completely spoiled. I had a friend over for tea yesterday and I gave her a little of the corn salad. Like everyone who's ever tasted it, she couldn't stop raving about it.

    Mom -- That's how we eat in Florida too. It's our warm weather menu. I just planted the malabar.

    Jessica -- I responded to your email, did you get it? Thank you, I'm pretty happy with how my photo-taking skills are coming along. My husband made all the salads, he's the chef in the family. I can make breakfast and dessert, plus a few standards here and there like grilled cheese and beef stew, so I'd never go hungry.

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