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    July 17, 2010



    You really had some time to wander before the crowds didn't you. That is a plus. I always feel like touching if a sign says 'Don't Touch' and we won't even discuss 'Keep Off the Grass'. That is just plain silly unless you are talking about the kind some people smoke.

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- We really enjoyed being able to take it all in before the crowd joined us. I'm such a rule follower, I don't have any problem following the sign's directions. Unless there's something I want in the middle of the grass, then I'm ignoring it!

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    Ooooh... I've scrolled through three times already, and I keep finding new things in these gorgeous photos! (And I've also decided that I like the second opuntia photo better, just barely. But I'll probably change my mind if I scroll through again. lol.)

    Hey, you know that tillandsia chandelier you loved? You could make one with staghorn ferns--they're not all that hard to keep indoors, you don't need a greenhouse! And you can probably find cheap ones in 4" pots (mine were $3.99 each) in the houseplant section, if you don't mind buying them in pots and mounting them somehow yourself. (We also sometimes get that 'Escargot' rex begonia, and others like it, at the garden center where I work--but in the houseplant section, not with the annuals. Just sayin' so you can keep an eye out.)

    Okay, off to read the last recap... THANK YOU so much for sharing all of these gorgeous photos!


    I am so glad to see all your photos, BECAUSE, I had been despairing over my 'oddments' garden (cuttings from my Florida travels)and ready to regiment all.
    Now I'll happily continue with my random plantings and know that somehow it'll come together. Your pix saved the lives of many.
    P.S. love the second cactus pic. - plus happy news! My beloved euphorbia trigonia (which I trimmed vigorously because it had rot) is throwing new limbs, and blooms. Yay!

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- You're making me blush! Here's my dirty little secret -- I can't keep a houseplant alive. So I've decided to stop torturing them with a slow painful death. But for the 'Escargot' rex begonia, I might try harder. I'm glad you're enjoying the recaps, you're going to lose it when you see Niagar-on-the-Lake.

    Mom -- Your garden is fine. Does it make you happy? Yes? Then who cares what it looks like. I kind of like the second photo better too.

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