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    July 24, 2010



    We have a spin composter too! It's great! Your lilac peppers are pretty. What do they taste like. Are they sweet like bell peppers? I like the dragonfly pictures.


    Your cukes look delicious - actually, everything is appealing, especially your 'ugly' tomato.
    Florida breeds their tomatoes for uniformity and color only - not taste. So that's why I started growing my own, and mine are absolutely yummy!
    Oh, it must run in the family. I have never been able to successfuly grow zucchini. Wonder why?

    Heather's Garden

    Meemsnyc -- The lilac bell peppers are supposed to be sweet. I did a little research and it looks like they'll ripen to a red color. Last year they never moved beyond lilac, which is probably why they weren't very sweet. But we've got a lot more sun this year!

    Mom -- Too bad you live so far away, I just sent a ripe Brandywine tomato to SS2's grandparents with some basil and a plate they brought dessert on last time they were here. You're missing out!


    I think I am coming to your house at mealtime. Yum!

    Good score on the composter and your world looks tidy, prolific, and inviting.

    Jan Smith

    Hi Heather,
    Once again, your garden continues to inspire. Both your flower and veggies look just beautiful. Even the tomato "uglies" have charm--and aren't they delicious? I too am having some leaf problems with two of my plants. I've heard it's important to keep those leaves out of the compost--they should go right in the garbage as fungus and viruses can over-winter.
    About compost: I have seen compost tumblers but have wondered how they work without being in contact with the soil. How do the red wiggler worms get in to do the decomposing? Do you need to put them in yourself?
    By the way, I loved your pictures of your visit to the Canadian side of the Falls. Makes me want to visit.

    Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

    Heather, I wanna come sit there. I bet we'd have lots to talk about and I dearly love pickled beets. Tell Lee hello for me too.~~Dee

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- You're always welcome for a meal. Come on by!

    Jan -- Thank you. From what I've read one should not put worms in a compost tumbler, you'd just kill them. I think the tumblers rely more on heat and micro-organisms. We'll see how it works. I've asked Lee to put the half finished compost from our metal bins into it so we can finish it off quickly. And do go visit the Buffalo area and Niagara-on-the-Lake, you will love it!

    Dee -- You're more than welcome. Any plans to visit CT or MA? I have a feeling we could quickly kill an afternoon snacking and chatting.

    rose white

    Your garden looks great! The mystery plant is really a lemon cucumber. Maybe it is germinated by some birds. Your harvest is good especially with the ground cherries.
    Yummy meal! Fresh veggies from your garden are really perfect for a meal! I love your garden and all of your plants. I am amazed with your black Russian tomatoes. It is so big and healthy except for the one who has an ugly look. Lol.

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