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    August 02, 2010



    Your yard looks amazing!


    Hi Heather, Your place is looking like a lovely retreat. The weather is going to be hotting up again, but I suspect down at the shoreline you won't feel it as much. Thanks for the linkage!

    Cindy, MCOK

    Heather, I'm glad August is a good month SOMEwhere! It's my least favorite month of the year here in south central Texas. I love your stump with containers and plantings ... it reminds me of Mike Shadrack's place outside Buffalo.

    Heather's Garden

    Meemsnyc -- Thanks, we like it.

    Cyndy -- Oh we're feeling it down here alright.

    Cindy -- Well the first few days of August were okay, but it's like a sauna here again. We skipped Mike Shadrack's place (Taste of Buffalo instead), but that's a lovely compliment based on all the wonderful things I heard about his garden!


    I see you have a wildflower garden. Did you ever do a post on how to start one? I have a friend who has been trying to grow wildflowers for three years now, and all of it looks like weeds. Never had a flower. The guy from Canada that sold her the seeds said to wait three years. True?

    Heather's Garden

    Donna -- This is my second attempt at a wildflower garden and it's in its first year. The first attempt was in a different location a few years ago. In the first patch we had equisite bloom the first year, but the second year not as much and we decided to pull it out and do a perennial garden in that spot instead (right by the patio and it called out for something more organized). If your friend bought a perennial seed mix it might take that long for the plants to establish and bloom, but it would be unusal to have a wildflower mix that didn't have any annuals in it.


    Thanks for the info, Heather. I will tell her to be patient. She paid quite a bit for the seed mix and I too was really surprised at no annuals. I told her that many of the wild flowers will look similar to common weeds, but she keeps weeding out the bed and that may be some of her problem. The seller did tell her it would take three years, but still, not one flower.

    Heather's Garden

    Donna -- The weeding part is almost certainly some of her problem. If she's looking for nice neat beds, wildflowers are not the way to go. I'd say if she's in year 3 and still no blooms the experiment has failed. I bought my seed from American Meadows the first time: and am now using the cheap $10 bag from Home Depot and even with what could only be called partial sun, I'm seeing plenty of flowers.


    Thanks again.I will pass along your advice or hopefully, she can get online and read your answers.


    I loved the tour of your garden - especially all those productive pots along the fence.

    Heather's Garden

    Donna -- You're welcome. I don't know much, but always happy to share what I do.

    Commonweeder -- Thanks, I've had to enjoy my garden virtually this week from the office and after dark. So looking forward to spending time in it today!

    Monica at Garden Junkies

    Looks like such a nice place to relax after a long day at work. Always nice to have a garden "oasis" to come home to.


    It has been great weather these past few days although everything needs some rain. Always something. Your gardens look serene and I love the moonflower in the previous post.

    Heather's Garden

    Monica -- That was a large part of the motivation behind creating the garden. Life has become much less hectic since then and we can relax there much more often!

    Layanee -- At least we weren't dying as we watered today! Some more moonflower pics coming for you shortly.


    Your garden and outdoor space is beautiful! I can imagine spending lots of time out there relaxing and enjoying nature!

    Heather's Garden

    Marissa -- As long as the temp is below 90, you can usually find me spending at least a few minutes out there. Lee has no temperature restrictions, the hotter the better for him!

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