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    August 15, 2010



    My garden is looking a bit tired as we are experiencing a very hot summer here on the Vancouver Island. This garden is new to me as we have just moved, so I am discovering what ever pops up. Dahlias are blooming at the moment and seem pretty happy, but many other things have passed their peak--namely the hydrangea, roses, and poppies.

    We also have a lot of oregano in bloom which is keeping the bees happy.

    I am excited that I have three red tomatoes, but I am worried about late blight (same fungus that caused the Irish potato famine), so I sprayed with copper sulfate today and now everything is blueish. The spray is considered an organic method, so my garden karma is good.

    You know what else loves Queen Ann's lace? All the tiny beneficial insects! I think it's pretty.Your garden karma is healthy too!


    People hate queen's annes lace really? I love it! One of my favorites. Its so dainty!

    lostlandscape (James)

    What is it wildflowers and the color yellow? So many of ours in California are exactly the same way: screaming yellow. Your patch of yellow looks great!

    Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

    A lot of fallish blooms are really yellow so I'll see more of it in September. Here, in my corner of the woods, it's hot as blazes, and supposed to cool to the 90s tonight. We'll see. Was thinking of you this week and wondering how the rest of your summer was going. Have a beautiful Sunday.~~Dee


    I love Queens Anne's Lace. I look forward to this time of year when the blue asters and queen anne's lace commingle. A very pretty happenstance. I love osteospermum and have many planted. Your photo of it is very pretty with the lighting. Are they in your banner also? I have only seen blue, white and magenta around here. The colors you have look so delicate in the pinks and yellows. Happy Bloom Day.


    Queen's are allowed to bloom around the fringes of my gardens - I love them also. My osteos looked too tired to save so I enjoy your photo. Happy bloom day.

    Heather's Garden

    Jan -- I must remember to fertilize my dahlias and see if I can get them to bloom.

    Meems -- I've seen people curse it as a weed, to each their own I guess!

    James -- I don't mind the yellow (any flowers are good at this point), but I wish we had gone through other colors first.

    Dee -- I've been watching your weather reports on Twitter. I can't imagine still having that kind of heat. I'm enjoying the 70-80 range even if it does feel like the end of summer.

    Donna -- Thanks, just late afternoon light. And yes, my banner is the same plants earlier in the summer when there were many more blooms! Impulse buy at Walmart because the colors were so pretty.

    Joene -- There's a reason I gave you a nice close-up of the osteos, the rest of the hanging planter does not look so good!


    Goody! Two calendar-worthy photos in one post - Queen Anne's lace, of course, and the oseospermum.

    Ronny Bell

    Lovely composition on your osteospermum picture. Really like that.


    Hi Heather, I'm very jealous of your nasturtiums - mine have done absolutely nothing! Your place looks beautiful and bountiful! Give me a call when you want to visit - I should be in most late afternoons :)

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- Thank you, but I don't think either is a candidate for the calendar.

    Ronny Bell -- Thanks, I have to admit I took about 20 photos and finally had to crop one to get what I was seeing in my head.

    Cyndy -- About half of my nasturtiums died and those remaining have lots of bugs on them (photos can be so deceiving). I will give you a call, this week is shaping up to be crazy again.


    It's lovely to see what's blooming at your place. You have some plants that are very familiar to me ... but the Queen's Anne Lace is a new one for me. It is quite pretty ... and looks great amongst the yellow wildflowers.

    Heather's Garden

    Bernieh -- Where are you gardening? Queen Anne's Lace is a very common wildflower in the northeast. It's a favorite of children because you can put a cut flower in colored water and the uptake through the stem will change the color of the flower.

    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage

    I've got roses reblooming and phlox, of course! I'd like to invite you to share your garden with us at the Tuesday Garden Party:

    We love to visit and your blog looks like a fun with with a lot of inspiration!

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