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    August 16, 2010


    Blackswampgirl Kim

    OMG! A whole tire dug out of the ground? That beats my dug-up crowbar by a large amount, lol.

    Those braconid wasps are very cool--and your tomato hornworm is amazing full of them. Seriously, it reminds me of those Snowcaps that are rolled in the white dots across the top.

    I'm drooling over your lilac peppers. Had I know that they would turn red, I'd totally have tried some this year. *pouting*


    I'm sure that tire, when it was planted was the size of a Matchbox car tire and because of your incredible gardening acumen and home-made compost, it grew full-size.


    I think it's fascinating to find mystery stuff in your garden. I have found old cables probably from the time this area was a farm 40 years ago. And the little pottery projects of past residents. We found a pretty sad looking clay scarecrow (sunken cheeks and enormous feet)and psychotic clay mouse.

    I am amazed (and yes, grossed out) by the work of the brachnoid wasp. Did you and Lee notice if the pupa hatched? The thought of becoming liquid lunch to a parasite stirs up all sorts of horrible visions. None the less, yeah brachnoids!


    Wow, a whole tire! We pulled some weird things out of our garden when we tilled it this spring. Mirrors, faucets, you name it! The tire should be fine I'm guessing since I've seen people use tires for growing potatoes in.

    I love the colors of those peppers! Really cool! I've never seen lilac peppers in person before. Do they taste like the Red / Orange / Yellow Bells?


    You vegetables are mouth watering. The pepper plants were especially gorgeous.

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- I'm not sure it beats the car radiator or rusted truck frame we found in the same spot over the years.

    Jim -- You gave me a laugh that was the only bright spot on a day that had me tied to the computer working for the better part of 12 hours!

    Jan -- I think your found pottery would freak me out. None of the pupa had hatched when I checked this afternoon and the worm was not moving much anymore -- Lee was wrong about it being dead.

    Meems -- The tire is actually a whole wheel, but Lee reminded me of all the metal we've taken out of that area over the years, so it's not like it's any worse than it already was really. And yes, the lilac peppers which start purple ripen to red and taste like any other sweet bell pepper.

    Kristi -- Thanks, we're very pleased by the veggie garden output this year!

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