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    September 22, 2010



    I put my Halloween decorations out the other day. Yeah! so what. :D


    Oh my - I see pumpkin mush in the offing! I didn't know I had to cross-pollinate wonder I don't have fruits.
    All five of my cuke seeds came up, so as soon as they develop their secondary leaves they'll be planted in real dirt, outside in the real world.
    We'll have a great salad by Christmas - baby spinach, tomatoes, cukes, and peppers! All will great with your home-grown potaoes. !Yum!


    Yesterday may have been the Autumn Equinox, but my garden is still Dancin' in the Summer Sun! So not ready to see pumpkins on the porch... yet. You may enjoy:

    Heather's Garden

    Katie -- You mean you didn't put them up in August when the stores started stocking them?

    Mom -- It's the same for zucchini as it is for cucumbers, remember we discussed that?

    Meredehuit -- This week was a little bit of Indian Summer around here, but all too soon I'll be wearing closed-toe shoes again.

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