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    April 25, 2011



    Is this a late Spring in New England? Your tulip is lovely - how are your daffodils doing?
    Your potato containers are ingenious - so now maybe there will be some potaoes available for a Florida Thanksgiving dinner?


    I'm so excited to try my hand at potatoes this year! I figure, if I grow things that my husband likes to eat maybe he will help me in the garden. It's worth a try anyway! I've seen so many different methods, but I'm just going to do them in the ground this year. I'll be curious to see how well yours grow.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- It is a late spring up here, but hopefully it will be a long, sunny summer with sufficient rainfall!

    Shayna -- Lee wasn't much of a fan of the idea of gardening in the beginning, but he's good and hooked now. We did the potatoes in containers last year too and had decent results. I moved the big black trash cans to a sunnier spot this year and hope to get a higher yield.

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