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    April 21, 2011



    I'm appreciating your comparison pics of Spring....great idea.
    We're in drought mode here in Southwest Florida. I'm getting panicky about my crotons and duranta. They just don't seem to flourish without constant hand-watering. And, of course, we are now in stringent(county-enforced)watering regulations. Some of our residents are even calling (tattling) the water department about over-zealous usage by their neighbors.
    This is a really hard call - the money tied up in lawns here is huge, we are required by our covenants to maintain green grass, so what's a home owner to do?
    You're so lucky to be in New England where water is not an issue!


    Your headline expresses my sentiments exactly. I just finished up a massive job digging up a large, overgrown thicket of forsythia that were encroaching into my yard. I then had to loosen the soil, rake smooth and reseed the area, then put hay on top of that, just in time for a week's worth of rain starting today! I hope to plant some colorado blue spruce there sometime this season.


    It is a much slower start but I am getting chores done without bugs and the cool temps are delicious. Time for a heat wave and everything will pop.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- Water can be an issue up here too, it just hasn't been the past couple of years.

    Fern -- That doesn't sound like any fun at all, but I'll bed you had quite a sense of accomplishment once you finished!

    Layanee -- True, it is nice not to sweat while I work and really we're much farther ahead this year than we were last (with Lee's calf injury this time last year). I just know we're going to go from 50 degrees one day to 80+ the next!

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