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    May 15, 2011



    Your Phlox is just gorgeous and I loved the shot of the Chive bloom. It looks like there's quite a bit happening in your garden right now. BTW, I didn't mind the pansies!

    Christine @ The Gardening Blog

    Lovely Blooms! I especially like the strawberries and phlox.

    Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening

    Your phlox and bleeding heart are beautiful!
    Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and Happy Gardening!


    Nice photos. It's not often one shares a photo of spinach ready to bloom. Don't you just love May flowers?!

    Melissa (irishgardenlady)

    I love the shot of the Chive. I need to let mine get to the blooming point. I always harvest long before they show any signs of blooms.

    Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens

    I love the photo of the tomato blooms with all their fur. Your strawberry pot collections is fun.


    Your garden is just beautiful this month. I love bleeding hearts and wish I had just a little shade.

    Heather's Garden

    Bernieh -- Thanks! I don't mind the pansies either, I just don't love them.

    Christine -- Thank you, both are making me very happy right now.

    Lee -- The same to you!

    Joene -- I do love May flowers and since the spinach was a surprise (I still can't believe it overwintered under feet of snow/ice), I'm enjoying every minute of it.

    Melissa -- I have chives all over the garden and we seldom actually use them. Do you have any suggestions for recipes/dishes?

    Carolyn -- Thanks! I love the strawberry pots too.

    Commonweeder -- Please come take my shade and give me some of your sun.


    Beautiful blooms1 I love the bleeding heart. :) I may have to get one now.


    I do like your self seeded Lamium, it looks like a real beeauty with that amazing leaf colour. Like everyone else I think the chive photo is brilliant! Christina

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    Love the shot of the little lamium. It's like he has some personality: "Are you looking at ME?!" :)

    The Sage Butterfly

    Lovely blooms! I also enjoy the chives at this time of year...such a surprising bonus. Happy GBBD Day!

    Nell Jean

    Chive blooms about to burst are as much fun as poppy buds. That silk-like case splits just so.


    You certainly do have a lot happening this GBBD! Love the azalea! Larry

    Kelly (The Sorry Gardener)

    Hey, I have nearly that exact same blue terracotta pot that you have coleus in (photo 3). It's weird to see it in someone else's garden.

    Heather's Garden

    Gardening4Life -- Do get a bleeding heart. They go away too early (fading in the heat of the summer), but make up for it by showing up earliest in the spring and blooming beautifully.

    Christina -- Thank you! I may print and frame that chive photo.

    Kim -- Love it! I looked at the photo again and it does look like the lamium is wagging his eyebrow.

    Sage Butterfly -- Thank you!

    Nell Jean -- Good allusion. I love poppies too, but I'm not currently growing any in my garden.

    Larry -- I love that azalea too. My next post shows it planted.

    Kelly -- The pot is more green in real life than it appears in the photo, but it could well be the same one. I've seen some of my pots in other people's gardens while I walk or drive around and it always throws me.

    Beth@unskinny boppy

    Your plants are just beautiful! I just discovered the May Dreams blog hop, and I'm loving visiting all these beautiful gardens! Tons of talent out there. Thanks for sharing.

    Kate/ Beyond the Brambles

    You and I have a bunch of the same plants blooming- I guess that comes from being so close on the map! I love your lavender rhodo, and the fact that you included all the edibles in bloom too!


    beautiful photos, great work.

    Heather's Garden

    Beth -- You can lose days following all the links from May Dreams Garden, have fun!

    Kate -- We do have a lot of the same plants blooming. I saw your tomato blossom too!

    Geos -- Thank you!


    I agree, that's a pretty phlox and I too like the chive shot. Happy Bloom Day from Scotland :-)


    Beautiful blooms AND photos!

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    Those flowers are so lovely. This looks like easy to take care.

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