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    May 28, 2011


    Melissa (irishgardenlady)

    I do. And how funny that some of mine are the same color of yours.

    Scott Hokunson

    Just starting here, and although I am glad to see them again, I would like to add more than our plain old blue varieties.

    Heather's Garden

    Melissa -- I wish I knew what kind of irises they are, but they were a passalong and unknown to the person who gave them to me.

    Scott -- These are a beautiful pale lavender. I would think you'd have plenty of gardening friends who would share. I don't know when I will need to divide these, but you're welcome to some when I do!


    If I have any survivors of my yellow bearded iris in NC I'll bring you a rhizome or two.


    Purple Bearded Iris is my most favorite flower and grown abundantly in my yard. Thanks for the pics. Your flowers are amazing


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