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    May 20, 2011


    Melissa (irishgardenlady)

    Barely keeping my sanity up here in NY....Moving plants in and out of the house according to the rain has been interesting. Add the pesky mosquitoes and I am itching to get out into the garden (pun intended)


    !Cute toes! Oh, you are so lucky to have 'free water from the sky'. It's bone-dry here in Southwest Florida - the only plant flourishing is my bougainvillea - and I dread to see our water bill..

    Cara Mirabella

    I feel your pain! We should have planted everything this week, but the rain just...won't...stop!
    Here in North NJ, my rain gauge says only 2 inches - but an empty bucket I left out has at least 5!


    Heather, a little more rain tomorrow morning and then it's over. This afternoon was gorgeous, wasn't it?

    Heather's Garden

    Melissa -- Oh the mosquitoes, they're the worst right after a week of rain. I'm almost tempted to spray, but not really.

    Mom -- Thank you, I like my toes, even if you say they're my father's. Luckily our landlord pays the water bill even when it's not raining.

    Cara Mirabella -- I'm so happy I got the tomatoes and peppers in before the rain. I only lost one pepper, which may or may not have been due to the rain. I'm thinking I may have broken the stem when I transplanted it. 5 inches sounds about right!

    Wendy -- Tomorrow afternoon is what I heard here, but either way I got a ton done today and had a lovely evening out with girlfriends which involved sitting outside for about 30 minutes -- without rain!


    Please turn off the faucet. Here too but gardening large is easier when it is cloudy. I am almost done though so that should mean sunshine. Love the new planting by the house.

    roxanne shea

    Hi ! long time lurker here, I also live So.Ct.The rain was so good that the weeded areas now have new weeds, LOL. But it also makes it easier to pull them. Planting is way behind, but will catch up this weekend. I grow mostly veggies and fruit. Best wishes Roxy

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- I agree the gardening is much easier when it's cloudy, but not so much when it rains every blessed moment!

    Roxy -- Thanks for de-lurking, it's always nice to know who's reading. We have a bumper crop of weeds too, but as you said, they're very easy to pull from the saturated ground.


    We too in Queensland Aust. have had so much rain, but this week have been out in the garden going crazy...but they predict more rain this weekend.

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