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    May 10, 2011



    I love seeing your photos, Heather. You got so much done. Mundane stuff, as you said, that makes all the difference in the world. I notice you grow all your herbs in pots. Do you mix herbs within the pot? Or just one herb per pot?

    Heather's Garden

    Wendy -- I grow a lot of herbs. They will end up in mixed with ornamentals in containers along the driveway, in individual pots next to the patio, in the raised beds, the half barrell that is exclusively herbs, and in at least one hanging container. I start some from seed, have a lot of perennials herbs now, and end up hitting a local grower when they discount their stock to close for the season. I get a lot of $1 herbs in late June/early July. Herbs are wonderfully decorative and useful all at once. I love growing them in the little pots because they don't mind drying out quickly and look so pretty.


    That's smart. Herbs smell so good, too, that it's nice to have that sage (pineapple sage is unbelievable) and oregano and what not all over the place. Some spread so much (I have used oregano as ground cover in walking paths) that you can spare to transplant pieces here and there. I'm with you on the whole "sale rack" thing. As I've said before, I've bought amazing things at supermarkets and "dead tables" for peanuts and it's done remarkably well.


    You are so right about 'sale tables'. My geraniums, purchased at 75% off, were yellowed with neglect - you should see them now! Blooming with incredible vigor and color in this 90% heat when all else is dead.
    I've noticed that potted items here in Southwest Florida seem to have root-rot so when I attempt to rescue stuff I cut off a good third of the root system, pull the remaining roots apart, and plant slightly dry. If the plants survives all this abuse, they usually last for a year.
    But I don't have your good results with herbs, Heather, any tips?

    Heather's Garden

    Wendy -- I can't tell you how well oregano grows in my garden. It is so easy to propigate, you can just pull a little bit up and stick it in soil somewhere else and all of a sudden you've got another oregano plant!

    Mom -- We know you're a bargain shopper! I bought 4 phlox plants last year and two had root rot. They survived, but they're sure not thriving. I don't know if I'm all that successful with herbs. Only one of my sage plants came back this year and I lost a lot of my thyme too. It was a rough winter. But I know I can replenish with bargain plants from Vaiuso when they close for the season so I'm not too worried about it.


    Well, I guess you've been busy!

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