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    May 23, 2011



    Your garden is shaping up nicely, and with some very useful veggies and herbs. I'm impressed! I know now that you have your Grandmother's 'planting' hands. I'm so proud, and pleased.


    Heather, the rain is back. Grrr...... have you seen the ten-day forecast? Of course, the sun comes out the Tuesday after Memorial Day.

    I'm a sucker for coleus. Can't pass those up no matter the cost. I don't have a single one as containers are way at the bottom of the list, but I live vicariously through your eyes and that makes me feel better.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- Thanks! It's lots of fun.

    Wendy -- I don't mind rain, I just want some sun mixed in and for it to be a little bit warmer. South of 60 degrees isn't working for me. Move containers up on your list. You will feel a lot better about the large amount of work you have to do if you have one "finished spot" near the house that you can look at on a crappy day or relax in during breaks from gardening.

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