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    May 02, 2011



    I'd trade a day of laptop duty for a $2.47 rosemary. Where did you find that? I'm amazed at what I can find at a Big Y in Stonington or Groton.


    Nice rosemary! The two that I bought in January to trim into Xmas shapes are flourishing, but they are still short and somewhat skimpy. Twinkle lights hide a lot of defects anyway.
    Hope your IT department can retrieve those photos - it's a good lesson for me to back-up regularly.

    Heather's Garden

    Wendy -- Funny, it was at the Branford Big Y. And we don't usually shop there. It's a small store and the selection isn't great (nor are their prices usually), so we drive a little bit further to the East Haven Stop & Shop. I'm going to poke around your blog now!

    Mom -- It is a nice one. I'm still bummed that our FL one died. Photos retrieved, laptop returned, and I will be backing up again shortly.


    Stop and Shop is great in the fall. The best hostas and balloon flowers I've ever bought came from the Groton S&S. And I never pay more than $5 for a three-quart pot. The rosemary looks good... rains just started to come down; husband taking me to a late lunch; think we need to detour and go to the supermarket. *wink*

    Heather's Garden

    Wendy -- I'm all about finding inexpensive plants in unusual spots. Do you have Expect Discounts in your area? I've found some great deals there over the years. And we have a few growers that open up to the public this time of year for a limited period. I have found some insane bargains when they're ready to close down for the season and just want to get rid of everything. Like large butterfly bushes for $5 each.


    I don't have an Expect Discounts around here, but I have friends in Norwalk we visit regularly enough so you know what that means. I'll google the place... it's in Branford? I hear ya on the "end-of-season" sales. It's really the only time I get "larger" plants and 90% of the time I do well with them. It's always worth the risk. (Although the current situation with the Japanese Maple has me doubting myself.) We hit the supermarket... found great Greek Oregano in a pot for $.75 that looked dead as all get out. Left it out in the rain and it's already bouncing back. By tomorrow, you'll never know it was stressing today. Also found a "piece" of Hens and Chicks (I know you know the proper name but I know it as Echevarria and that's in Spanish) in the parking lot which I immediately shoved into a pot with dirt on the deck... betcha it will grow just fine. Don't you just LOVE a bargain???

    Heather's Garden

    Wendy -- It's actually in East Haven, but there are a couple around. Don't think it's worth a special trip though. However, Vaiuso (the nursery that opens to the public) can actually be seen from 95, though it's not that easy to get to unless you know the area. And I so do not know proper latin names for plants. I have finite space in my brain for info and so far latin plant names have not rated!


    For some reason, I find rosemary to be the most soothing scent. I have one growing on my deck just so I can walk by and touch it and then the fragrance lingers on my hands. It calms me. I hope your wonderful little find calmed your laptop anxiety!

    Heather's Garden

    Laurrie -- I love the scent of rosemary, but instead of calming me, it makes me hungry...usually for lamb. But I do love running my fingers through my herbs.

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