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    June 15, 2011



    Can't believe how fat and lush your foxgloves are!


    The blue bloom on your hydrangea reminded me that it's time for another dose of copperas on my Endless Summers... enjoyed your post... L


    I have enjoyed my tour of your gardens. Love the freckles on the foxglove and your heydrangea is already stunning!


    Your chillies are doing very well. I grew mine from seed instead of buying small plants this year and there areno floweers yet. I love your foxgloves!


    Many beautiful colours in your garden!


    Having a banner foxglove season also, Heather, and my sage is blooming like yours. Our CT gardens seem to be on the same track.

    Lee@A Guide To Northeastern Gardening

    Your gardens are lovely-love the foxglove in full bloom! Your garden planters are nice too-I enjoyed seeing the combination of colors and textures. Happy GGBD!

    Lancashire rose

    I'm with you. Foxgloves are my absolute favorite flower but impossible to grow here. It seems to take some very specific weather conditions to grow them. Happy bloom day.


    Are your foxgloves biannual or perennial?


    Way to go, Heather! It's all looking great.

    Christine @ The Gardening Blog

    Oh I simply adore your foxgloves! Beautiful!

    Heather's Garden

    Linda -- Me too!

    Larry -- I don't know what copperas is, but glad I could help out.

    Darla -- Thanks, I'm always surprised by how much is blooming in my garden each GBBD.

    Christina -- I bought them as starts too, $.99 each at the discount store, I'm astonished at their progress.

    Diane -- Thank you, it's even prettier in person.

    Joene -- I haven't made it to anyone's posts yet (busy morning), but I can't wait to see what's blooming in your corner of the state.

    Lee -- Thank you, that's what I strive for and I am astonished when I accomplish it!

    Lancashire rose -- Bummer on not being able to grow foxgloves. These are on a dry semi-sunny slope, so I'm amazed that they're doing so well. It's been a very wet spring though.

    Greggo -- Annual, they came in a mix for dry shade from Botanical Interests. If you go back to April I think you'll find the specific mix and a link to it.

    Wendy -- You need to come visit in person!

    Christine -- Thank you, I'm sad because they're on the decline already and I've so been loving them.


    I love all your garden's shades of blues and purples! And it's fun to see a little chartreuse (creeping jenny) thrown in.
    Are those marigolds seeds from the crop I sent you long, long ago?

    The Sage Butterfly

    I love your hill of foxgloves...they are so lush and beautiful. And isn't exciting to see the vegetables. We have used all the cool weather crops, and I am anxiously awaiting the summer veggie crops.

    Mama Syder

    Beautiful Blooms! Foxglove & hydrangea are two of my favourites. I have just started growing foxglove for the first time this year.


    Those foxglove are so lovely...what a wonderful peaceful!


    Your foxgloves are absolutely amazing! Love your purple petunias, too - and the cute little no-name.

    Paul From Alabama

    I'm a foxglove fan from way back. I've heard its a weed in England, I wish it was a weed in my garden, I'd let it weed all over the place. Like your containers too.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- No, they're from Botanical Interests. I like them, but they're all the same color. I have one self-seeded in a tomato container though, can't wait to see what color it is.

    Sage Butterfly -- I've got tomatoes forming on many of my plants, so yes, I'm estatic!

    Mama Syder -- Thank you, this is my first year of foxglove too, definitely won't be my last though!

    Scott -- It is one of my very favorite spots in the garden, but unfortunately completely owned by the mosquitoes. Luckily we can see it from the living room.

    Holley -- I do have some nice pinks and purples in the garden right now.

    Paul -- Thanks, I love my containers. Even when there are no plants they give us something pretty to look at during the long winter.

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    I love those foxgloves! But I love your containers more... I really like that shady container with the creeping jenny spilling over the sides. Lovely. :)

    And congrats on the marigolds! How exciting--which ones are they? I always say I'm going to grow those from seed, but somehow I just never seem to. Next year!

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