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    June 01, 2011



    I love your raised bed - what I could do with all that rich earth. But, not here in miserable,hot,dry Southwest Florida!
    Your beets look especially yum - do you remember the time my beets were just ready to harvest? I waited 'til the following morning, and dismayed to find wilted beet greens, and empty furrows. A mole had tunneled under every single plant, and had a feast!


    I'm in the "cant' even begin to see the end" category. I've missed you, Heather, and am glad you wrote. Are you getting these thunderstorms right now? I watered everything just in case they missed us. A good storm can't hurt. I love this. Your garden is so much more ahead than mine. My hydrangeas are budding but no blooms. It might have something to do with the fact that my land was raped last year and I still have no earthworms. That's my next big project... nourish the soil. Your irises are gorgeous and your husband is a keeper. I'm reviewing your blog soon. I had a blast reading it. I think it will post in the next two or three days.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- Nope, don't remember the beet story, but there's a lesson there, don't wait!

    Wendy -- No thunderstorms here. They started south of us in the Sound and then head east and missed us altogether -- phew! I watered today too. I am a good bit further south than you, so it's not surprising that my garden is a little ahead. Plus my hydrangea is very established now as it was one of the first things we planted when we started gardening -- four years ago now. It's difficult to believe that this is our fifth garden season and more difficult to believe that you went back and read all those posts!

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