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    June 30, 2011



    We have nothing really exciting planned for the 4th - other than going to Marco for the fireworks, admiring my new plumbing, AND, accepting delivery on a new, smooth-top range!
    I'm so looking forward to Lee's gourmet meals....
    Oh, how discouraging to have hungry bugs - we came back to dead lawn, dead shrubs, even dying cactus. Absolutely no rainy season yet.
    But, good news - in NC, my etoile violet clematis flourished (cuttings coming in September) and a few fig branches snared from two different trees in St. Augustine seem to be o.k. in the moist earth I stuck them in last night.
    So, now what I'm looking forward to is fresh potatoes surrounding an interesting Thanksgiving ethnic meal!


    Your herb garden looks great, Heather. And you're right... it's gonna be one of those seasons.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- I don't know why you think there will be any potatoes left by Thanksgiving.

    Wendy -- The herbs are loving the sunny spot. I'm very pleased with their progress. Just as long as I get some tomatoes this season I'll be happy enough.

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