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    June 06, 2011



    Here I am in the land of biscuits, and blueberries....the featured dinner tonight at our local Moose Lodge is kielbasa and cabbage!
    You guessed it - most things are run by displaced New Jersey-ites. And none have a garden like yours. I especially appreciate the serenity of your favorite garden view.
    Down here we get to gaze at pole beans' progress.


    You have got to love the lushness of this June. Lee looks marvelous...even in lawn mowing gear. Your garden looks serene.

    Martin Svec

    That bug looks a lot like a big ol' mosquito :)


    Do you overwinter the strawberries in those pots, and if so, do you bring them inside, like in a cool basement?

    I've got strawberries that keep growing in all the wrong places, and i've been meaning to put some up in an old watering can but was curious if they'd survive the winter.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- Ick.

    Layanee -- The garden is serene. I'd love to sit out there, but the mosquitoes are out of control.

    Martin -- It kind of does, but it's quite large.

    Fern -- Yes, the strawberries overwinter in those pots. No problems at all. And they were buried under several feet of snow for the better part of this past winter!

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