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    June 27, 2011



    Well, now I want a hot dog. The garden is lush. I must go check my potatoes for those darn CPB's. Mulch helps I hear although yours are in a container so they should be easy to keep clean. I can almost smell the grill smoke.


    Grilling is just another way to make the garden a social space. How great to share the beauty of the garden and a great meal with friends. And not leave the chef alone while every one else is chatting.


    Heather, I missed the whole raised herb post. Nice. When you do a raised bed, do you use garden soil or do you use store-bought potting soil?

    Heather's Garden

    Layanee -- You should see what he's preparing right now to grill...well you will probably tomorrow! The CPBs are just a pain. I still have to get the undersides of the leaves, which is easier with the plants in containers, but not exactly easy.

    Commonweeder -- You remind me that we really need to entertain in the garden more often!

    Wendy -- I'm not sure I detailed the raised herb bed specifically (the zucchini/cucumber bed is the other half of the bed). For that bed I used Miracle Gro garden soil, which is a little heavier than their potting soil. If I had enough finished compost on hand I would have just mixed it in with actual garden soil, which is very nice in that spot. Our raised veggie bed (which we built last year) is on top of decomposed granite so we wanted to make sure it drained well and we used landscaping fabric beneath it. For the new raised bed we just wanted to add to the existing soil, so we scraped off the grass/weeds, leveled the spot, and poured in a bunch of bags of the garden soil.

    Blackswampgirl Kim

    Boo for the bad beetles! But I'm glad to see that Lee got a new grill... and I'm also glad that you posted those potato flowers. I hadn't realized that potatoes could have such pretty blooms!

    Heather's Garden

    Kim -- I am so excited to harvest those potatoes. I can't get a decent photo of them, but the leaves are stunning too. They have a beautiful blue sheen to them. Lee is loving his new grill. He's practically bubbling over having a really hot spot, which I guess the last grill didn't have. A well spent $240!

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