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    August 30, 2011



    So glad to hear you're ok. Crossing fingers that your power gets restored quickly!


    !WoW! In spite of all the floods, and hurricanes I've observed and survived I am still stunned by the destruction your pix so graphically display.
    And here comes Katria....

    Jan Smith

    Glad you are safe. Glad you have not lost much that you value--an looking forward to regrowth in the garden.


    Here in Newtown, I lost power for 6 days. I have United Water here, but an electric hot water heater, so no cold showers for me.

    I'm puzzled after hearing so many people say they lost all their food. I was able to save 90% of my food by ferrying it to 3 different locations (family and friends) in Newtown and Danbury who didn't lose power. One location subsequently lost power, and that's the food I lost. I never bothered to move my many refrigerated condiments. If they contain vinegar, like ketchup, mustard, etc. they will be fine. They often keep things like that on restaurant tables all day long, so that's a clue that room temps won't hurt it.

    I had a bunch of tree limbs and one hydrangea tree down, and 1 limb hit my tool shed, damage uncertain at this point cus I haven't gotten to that aspect of the cleanup.

    My town was giving out ice and water. The ice was just enough to pour into my 2 refrigerator drawers and keep a few beverages and small items cold for 24 hours, then it was back for more ice the next day.

    An interesting experience.

    Heather's Garden

    Katie -- Thanks, we just went back on at 5:00pm today (Sunday). So that was 7 days, 11 hours for those who were counting.

    Mom -- I don't think I could take another hurricane.

    Jan -- Just came out of it with a couple of issues like the fractured relationship with a neighbor over generator noise and hurt feelings. Hopefully it will pass.

    Dawn -- We just came back on today (7 days, 11 hours out). If I had anything that I cared about enough to save, I would have tried to find someone with power to keep it for me. However, it was a little bit more complicated down here since Branford, Guilford, and Madison were 100% out. We didn't have too many resources beyond that. Our town was also giving out ice and water, but they asked that those of us with the resources to get to a store and buy them do so and leave the limited number of supplies to those without that ability. Interesting experience...yes, fun

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