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    August 26, 2011




    Jan Smith

    You sound like you have already convinced yourself to go. Those who care about you will be relieved to know you are safe. I will be thinking about you, Heather.


    Stay - this is your Mom talking who's very naturally concerned about your safety....
    Storm is already down-graded to Cat 1, and by the time is gets to you, it will probably be wind gusts at tropical storm level, and, much much milder than what we experienced in Gloria.
    And, your landlord has removed trees that might impact your roof. ?But maybe it's just more relaxing to go for a long ride? Say hi to Shan for me!

    Heather's Garden

    Well, I really wanted to go, but Lee convinced me to stay put, thus giving me plenty of fuel for I told you sos later on. Yes, mom, the storm has lost some intensity, but Goeff Fox is saying comparable or worse damage due to more rain with this storm. We'll see. I'll probably do a post on our storm prepped garden before we lose power!

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