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    August 29, 2011



    TV says power should be restored soon - maybe even today (Tuesday). Do we believe TV?
    Looking forward to some of your storm pix....
    did all the ground-anchored landscaped gardens
    at the shoreline come through ok?


    Up on our hill our house and gardens are fine, but all around us roads and bridges are out. So much rain damage.

    Heather's Garden

    Mom -- Well our neighbors have power and we now have an extension cord to their house powering our internet, tv, phones, and computers, so I guess Tuesday sort of. The shoreline is kind of a battlefied. I will do a post with some of the stuff I photographed after the storm.

    Commonweeder -- I've heard about the insane flooding that's going on in northern New England. Some of my work colleagues in NH can't get to the office from their homes because bridges are out.

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