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    May 20, 2012



    Congratulations - your purple hues are the most vivid I seen!
    I apparently have a salsa container garden this Spring. Your garlic chives (remember the
    seeds you gave me years ago), the ancestors of my Early Girl tomatoes (self-seeded from at least two generations), eighty onion sets (from Lowe's, and growing vigorously), plus a few Giant Marconi peppers, and one Green Bell (all of which are not doing well) are going into the mix. I have dried jalapenas from last season so they'll pop in there, too.
    The reason I'm making salsa is this - I began my Master Gardeners' course yesterday (amazing the amount of information I don't know), so as part of the fun two of us each week will bring in lunch goodies. My contribution will be 'home-grown' veggie salsa plus corn bread from, of course, a really nice package mix.
    You know why I'm a container gardener. And, more about Southwest Florida container gardening soon....

    Storage Sheds

    i really love the blooms you shared. I pretty shade indeed.

    Andrew @ Garden ideas

    I always think that Coleus is such an underrated colourful plant for borders and container gardening.
    It was used extensively in the past.
    Like the Blue Glazed pots.
    I saw some old metal large paint containers used as planting pots recently, the gardener had wrapped them in old sacking (Hessian) and tied it on with Twine, it all looked very natural. Thought is was a good idea.

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